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Counsellor | Consultant | Facilitator

I am....

  • A clinical social worker in private practice

  • Committed to excellent care for individuals, couples, and families

  • Able to provide sensitive intervention in home, office or health care setting

  • Capable of assessing needs & making appropriate referrals

  • Strategic in creating a supportive care plan

​Counselling Through Life Transitions

  • Changes in your relationship?

  • Kids leaving home?

  • Changes in health?

  • New job?

  • Change in life stage?

  • Recognizing gender issues?

Changes are hard. Even if it is a planned change. A transition from what is known to the unknown can be challenging. Sometimes it can stir up emotions where you question your sense

of confidence in the decisions being made. If any of these thoughts ring true in your mind then, the time is right to choose to make an appointment with a counsellor.

How Can I Help?
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