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Ruth is passionate about listening to life stories from her heart and finding solutions within a balanced family voice to the possible. She uses a variety of therapeutic styles in an effort to connect with each person, drawing on their inner strengths to gain emotional health. Ruth realizes that entering a therapeutic relationship involves taking risks and she is supportive of each individual’s approach to seeking solutions for their inner pain. She believes that relationships are complex and evolve through various life stages. Plus they can benefit from being reviewed within a consultation with a professional whose skills will assist you to reach your goals. Meetings can occur individually, as a couple or family group.

Caregiver Support


Balancing family responsibilities is challenging when work or family life calls you out of town. Leaving town with peace of mind may take creating a safety-net of services and service providers to care for your parents or older family member while you are away. Ruth’s professional interventions would include; meeting regularly with the older person to assess their emotional and physical well-being, making appropriate referrals and providing sensitive intervention as required. Plus, she would be willing to communicate up-dates as requested via telephone or e/mail or Skype in an effort to lower the family caregiver’s stress. The involvement of Ruth would assist with achieving the goals of preventing a cycle of crisis and promoting emotional and physical well-being.



At times when an individual experiences a transition in their life or encounters a new situation with a family member, it requires a brief consultation with a health care professional with relevant expertise. Consequently people will consult Ruth about situations in a hospital or healthcare setting, asking for guidance regarding advocating for services, discharge planning, choosing a retirement residence or personal care home. As well, the skills of an individual may need a brief adjustment during a crises caused by, for example, a change in health, separation or divorce, etc. In these situations, one or two appointments can result in a person receiving the information and guidance needed.



Ruth is an excellent presenter for conferences, workshops and lunch hour learning opportunities. Her relaxed personal style invites people to be open to learning new information about various topics. E.g. Family Planning in the Golden Years, Listen to Me: Knowing How to Help Enough, Decision-Making With Confidence, Letting Go: Parenting Older Children, Tender Talks During Tough Times, Movie & Chats, etc.

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Care Management
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